Sunday, September 16, 2012

a review of the reviewer

Hey Guys,

I remember when I made my first blog for a "Microbial Ecology and Evolution" course last spring. It was the first time since freshmen year of college I could write freely so I became a hyped up little kid on sugar rambling about my life and ideas. Almost can guarantee I'll do it again for this first post. 

...Actually I know this is going to be a ramble for the first few paragraph because there is no way to write down a bunch of facts about yourself without coming off disorganized...

To introduce myself, I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire pursuing my Bachelors of Science in genetics. This fall I plan on applying to graduate school for a masters (or PhD, haven't decided yet) in microbiology with a touch of interdisciplinary in bio-engineering. The goal is to find a career in biofuels/biomass/alt energies (a huge passion of mine). Along with applying to graduate school, I am also applying to the NSF Graduate Research Program and possibly the DOE Science Graduate Fellowship. Oh, and GREs this fall too... Man, every time I think about this list I picture a tiny little man running in circles till he finally he explodes ... except the tiny man is my brain... But anyway, I also have a senior thesis focusing on genetically modifying the microalgae species, Chlorella variabilis, in producing more lipids for biodiesel production. So that's my nerdy life.

For my last year as an undergrad, I live with 3 girls:  a senior civil engineer, a junior English major, and a senior nutrition/exercise science major in a, for the most part, quiet section of campus. I am dating a second year masters student studying microbiology here at UNH. My other loves include artwork, music, and cooking. I also am a huge marvel comics fan. Oh side note, I am at the legal age of drinking (so if I bring up bar stories, relax) and therefore I will say my favorite mixed drink is a chocolate martini, my favorite wine is Saracosa Toscana, and my favorite beer is Lost Sailor. I am addicted to finding dive bars and cafes with live bands, especially acoustic and/or jazz bands. Exploring cities is a hobby of mine but I mainly stick to Boston for right now. My favorite season is fall and my favorite holiday is Christmas. Umm.. what else? My friends tell me I was born in the wrong era and I belong in the Rat Pack times... my case is not helped that I watch dvds of the Dean Martin Show and say that Ryan Reynolds and Cary Grant are pretty neck and neck when it comes to attractiveness. Needless to say there's a lot more random stuff I could bring up but this is at least a nice summary. So that's the social part of my nerdy life.

What I want for this blog is a way for me to talk to others about science topics, whether it's a recent discovery, an old theory, a specific methodology, a broad topic, etc... Will definitely be discussing science articles and be posting pdfs as well. I would love it if people also post papers, whether scientific or maybe just a random read or another blog that relates. What I would appreciate is if people are open minded and do not jump the ban wagon of harping on one another. We are each entitled to our opinions, you discuss with science, not argue with emotion. With that being said, please leave out politics in these discussions unless it is directly related to some paper being reviewed. I remember in class we brought up the ethics of being able to publish papers in how to design a virus. Government laws were brought up along with society's viewpoints. That's perfectly fine, but don't be bashing on or supporting a politician/party that really has nothing to do with what's being discussed. Okay sorry, parent scolding over... just trying to head off issues.

What I would also like to use this blog for is the combining of passions: science, art, food (typical college student right there for ya huh?... got to add the food part). So you found a cool artwork piece of an abstract virus? Post it! Found a cake decorated as an Arabidopsis? Post it! I plan on being as quirky and abstract as possible with this since this is also my personal stress relief outlet (hence, beware of rambles around GRE time fyi).

As a sign off, like I used to do with my old class blog, I will leave music for your enjoyment. Some stuff you'll obviously know but others I am hoping will be new to you. I will also start posting recipes that I've tried or been wanting to try. To ease into the blog here's a song that I absolutely love and when listening to it, always picture a crisp fall day in a canoe just floating down a lazy Sunday...

Ray LaMontagne "Rock and Roll and the Radio"

Artwork by Ellie McKay
(found this on another science blog! > haven't check it out much yet but maybe you'll like it!)


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