Monday, December 3, 2012

she's back!

Hey guys,

Well, I appreciate your patience immensely. It's the last week before final exams and I managed to survive mono, GREs, two grant proposals for the NSF and EPA, my classes, holidays, and having some sort of a life. Now I can come back with a vengeance and write my arm off for you. I am actually going to kill a couple birds with a few stones this week... due to final exams starting next Tues, I have a few papers I have to re-read and understand the concepts behind them. Therefore you are now my study buddy people, congratulations and god help you.

Today is biochemistry lab however, so you get out of this one. I have the practical and final exam tomorrow evening so thats the focus for the next 24hrs along with reading classmates' proposals for a different class that has us act as a review panel. So while I am checking these off my planner, I have a gift for you.

I saw Gotye in Oct with my boyfriend, Ethan, at Mohegn Sun. I am proud to say that this was not due to mainstream influence... I listened to him prior to his "Somebody that I Used to Know" hitting the radio and my favorite songs of his are actually "Save Me", "Bronte", and "Dig Your Own Hole". "Somebody that I Used to Know" did expose me to Kimbra however when I had first heard it and I absolutely love this girl. Amazing artist, weird as hell, but such a sense of class and confidence (listen to her stuff). Anyway, I was listening to her "Posse" today and I saw on the side bar of youtube a music video for "Somebody that I Used to Know" that used a short film as the footage. I thought the film was intriguing so I looked it up and found the link here.

This short film, is one, very short; however, how it was directed and shot had such movement of emotions. I recommend you watch this. The actress's words stuck with me "That with every goodbye, you learn". Not to get all deep and girly, but it was an interesting perspective, actually, a very good perspective to say the least. It holds a sadness but also an inner peace if you look at your life that way. Anyway what I really liked about this film was that until the end there was very little dialoge between the two characters (a picture is worth a thousand words holds true to this film).

So FYI, I need comments! If you scroll under the comment section you can find "anonymous" - meaning you do not need to log into a blog, or facebook, or w/e. At least that's what I thought I set the settings to. I do not want to talk to a screen people. Show me that there is some bored soul who has nothing better to do but read this and comment!!


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