Thursday, February 21, 2013

tell me a tale of how it was

Hey guys,

So I decided I really want to tie in this article, Darwin Was Wrong About Dating, and the book I just finished reading, "The Science of Kissing" (by Sheril Kirshenbuam), into the next big blog post... along with a couple funny stories that pertain to people seeing me read this book. I am posting this now so you can read the article before I have a chance to write about it. I am really excited about all this... science and romance are fun to combine especially when it takes all the romance out of it (once again another funny story I will have to tell). Anyway check it out and make comments if you like so I can cover what ever is on your mind.



  1. It's really a question of risk-reward. In today's birth-control dominated society, men take relatively little risk in casual sex. By the same logic, I guess women do too. But inherently, women have more to lose by engaging in casual sex. Ultimately, they are the ones who will bear the burden of pregnancy and child-rearing regardless of what the probabilities of pregnancy may be.

    1. So what you're saying is that in the end it's evolution driving women to veer from casual sex more than men? I agree that birth control has lowered the high risk of pregnancy so that women are free-er in this area, but are we ingrained genetically to be more selective due to the potential burden of children? Or is it the social norms that drive us in how we approach relationships? Is it us or our genes? What I also find interesting about the article was that they only focused on casual sex, rather than settling down, or in like the book I'm going to break down, a simple kiss. Side note, thank you for your comment!