Thursday, May 2, 2013

What have I become? Truth is, nothing yet.

Hey guys,

Been a while...and for those who don't know the lyrics, good song from the title above.

Many many many things going on... have to finish writing my senior thesis, have a thesis presentation this coming Wed, have a TEDxYouth @IFTA presentation in Dover next Saturday (will post video once it's up), two exams, final lab report, lab notebook that I never truly started, graduation in two weeks and moving out of campus and into the boyfriend's place in order to keep my part time job in Newmarket this summer so I can pay rent when I move to Amherst, MA for graduate school (!?! yeppp got in at UMass Amherst and Rutgers University for a PhD in Microbiology-decided on UMass ...oh academia, why you let me continue I'll never know...). So yeah, with that run-on sentence, big life changes coming up which means of course I have been listening to music like crazy (as well as eating wayyyy too much chocolate frosting due to stress... I found Nutella as a good substitution so I don't blow up for graduation, my vintage skirt I just bought is tight as it is...sigghh)... So looking back I have my work cut out for me here on this blog with many unfinished projects: Boston stories and Science of Kissing analysis... and then I really want to go back to how it all began for me as a blogger and find a good microbiology topic to discuss. Since this summer I am humbly working as an icecream/creperie girl in Newmarket, I hope I have no excuse to not write in this blog because honestly, I miss it a lot.

So what's been eating me is that I have a ton music and recipes to really,  way too many things I keep saving in my "blog" file. For now here's my "Mental Escape" playlist... I have friends who have great taste that gave me some of these and I found some things on my own. It's just a few songs I put on repeat when I am staring blankly at my plasmid constructs I'm making... yeah, exciting life lemme tell ya.

Anyway I hope some of you will start checking this site again frequently because there will be more posts this summer :)


Lazer Major "Get Free"
Alt-J "Taro"
Ane Brun "Words"
Ben Howard "Esmerelda"
Yuna "Lullabies"
Kimbra "Old Flame"