Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long Hot Summer

Hey Guys,

So having no computer really sucks when you want to type blog posts... But I bring good news! I just purchased a used iMac so my blog will blossom with posts before you know it. Until I learn how to use a Mac (yes this is my first Mac) I just wanted to quickly post a video. I was part of a great and inspiring conference, TEDxYOUTH @IFTA (focusing on game changing ideas and disruptive innovations), this past spring. Our talks were recorded and were supposed to be uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel... However only 4 or 5 were put up and not quite sure why... So while that's figured out I decided to share the private link of mine that was reviewed and edited later for the below blurb information. So let me know what you think! I am aware that I messed up the fractions for impaired water... I got super nervous at that point, pretty sure I locked eyes with my old high school teacher, Mr. Sleeper, and lost my thought process. Whoops! Anyway this was a ball and a half and I look forward to the feedback. 


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