Monday, March 10, 2014

lady on the water

Hey Guys,

If you haven't guess yet, I figured I'd give a quick post about my ice fishing adventures. As most of you know, I am dating Ethan, aka "mountain man" as Janhavee (college friend and fellow Hugh Jackman fanatic) put it. Therefore, I am now hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, and other various things that I never felt the need nor desire to do (aren't relationships great!?).

The sad(?) thing is I like this outdoors crap... who knew.

Just so you understand the stark contrast of the past 4 years, my ex of two 2 years just prior to Ethan was allergic to grass and trees. We went camping once in Bar Harbor and it was a complete disaster (oh there's another hilarious story, maybe another time). So then later I began dating Ethan and it has been one fear factor after the next with him just grinning ear to ear at me like, "Isn't this great?!" while I'm thinking, "You crazy bastard. Why am I here?".

Ah love.

My first trip was just Ethan and I trying to catch some dinner (because god forbid we just go to the store). The problem was it had been a long 48 hrs for me with school and then driving up north. Though it was my own fault, I did not want to be awake never mind drilling holes into the ice by hand that afternoon. Nevertheless, we set up the holes, the shanty, the tip ups, and sat down to begin the hunt. To make things interesting, we made a bet that whoever caught the most fish got a massage from the loser (my idea, cardio kickboxing class killed me that week). Ethan then taught me how to jig the line and what to do if I felt a tug (pull very quickly up and then reel in). Then we started to talk about… something... See, I might have fallen asleep at one point while he was talking to me…. great girlfriend right? In my defense, when he was my TA (prior to dating or even thinking I'd see him again) I used to sleep in the front of the class when he gave his lecture for lab. (Probably not helping my case huh?)

Fine, maybe this will be a better defense: I had borrowed the heated seat I got him for Christmas and had a blanket… I was toasty and his voice is very soothing.

I can relate to this so much you have no idea:

Even with my snoozing, I totally kicked his ass and caught 4 fish while he caught 1.  Nothing was big enough for dinner, but it was fun seeing how he fishes and once I woke up, to spend quality time talking (that and getting a massage!).

My second trip was with Ethan and Marcus, participating in an ice fishing tournament at Club Pond in New Durham, NH.

Once again I had very little sleep the two days prior (Notice a trend? My subconscious is always in denial). I had stayed up late Thursday night closing out a bar with some friends in NoHo (Northampton) and then Friday night I went to the microbio departmental TGIF and then drove two hours to Dover that night. I didn't get there until 12:30 AM and this time we had to leave by 7AM to make the tournament starting at 8AM. It was a long morning and I was getting nothing despite moving around the lake and making the place into swiss cheese.

After about 3 hours of staring into a pit of watery darkness and swigging back a nip of tequila… I felt a tug.

A tug! Finallythank God. I yelped out of excitement and started reeling it in, hoping maybe I could contribute to the men's pile and prove that I could be a fisherman too.
How I felt at that moment.
I pulled it up waiting to see a huge Perch, or maybe a bass, or maybe something that I don't know the name of! … Well I got the third one right at least. I caught a baby Pickerel… or as Ethan said (trying not to laugh) a "slime dart" when I frowned and held it up.
And cue *frown*
Meanwhile, literally not even 20ft away, Marcus all of a sudden is making a lot of noises (mainly "I think it's a big one!") and then all of a sudden dives his hand into the water. He triumphantly whips the fish into the air: a 3lb and 2oz large mouth bass.

…Really?!…. <20ft away?!?

I was happy for him (and bummed by tournament rules we couldn't keep it for dinner) but now I was glaring at my hole with disdain. Traitor. The last 3 hours I drank a PBR and dozed in and out at my hole (too tired to make another after 4 that day). Not a single bite. 6 hours on the ice and one slime dart. Yeah, screw you too mother nature.

Despite the fish doing this behind my back:


We had fish tacos that night :) … and a sunburn on my face. It's what I get for falling asleep with my face pointing at the water…sigh...

Side note, I thought this article sent to me by my friend Jen was entertaining about luxury shanties.

I showed Ethan the article and his first response?

"…I think it's funny people are willing to pay that much for them…I can tell you they aren't true sportsmen haha… They build their own!"

Oh and in case you were wondering? He has built his own shanty back in Michigan.

Sometimes I wonder….
Okay, before I end this post I am trying something new. There are a couple polls on the left side of this blog (below my picture). I would love if you at least participate in the polls if you don't want to comment.

For those that have fishing experience in the NE area and want to comment below, all I ask is maybe just say the pond/lake/river where you've had the best luck? Looking for places to try out this summer/next winter and could use your help. If you want to brag on your catch too, by all means! (photos are welcomed!!)


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