Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a scientist, a christian, and a woman walk into a bar...

Hey guys,

Ever feel like you have multiple voices in your head? Sure, it might come off like you're crazy if you ever admit that, but we all have been there (or at least humor me and don't call the men in white coats).

The older I get, and more so in the current political climate, the more I find these three aspects of my life define me as soon as I walk into a social setting (a bar for example):

I am a woman.

I am a protestant Christian.

I am a scientist.

Each part is me, mind you, but depending on how I am introduced to you, you will automatically have assumptions about me, correct? I purposefully listed them in that order too, because I'm curious... what were your thoughts for each line?

This is the introduction to a 3 part blog post that has been slowly developing since I took a course during my undergraduate degree called "Cosmology and Our View of the World." It was lead by three professors: one in the molecular sciences, one in physics, and one in psychology. The students ranged in age, background, and majors (from music to genetics). It was probably one of the most influential classes I have ever taken. Not because of the course material itself (though fascinating to think about), but the social experiences I had throughout the course with my peers and invited speakers.

I'd like to share with you those experiences as well as each part of me: the woman, the Christian, and the scientist.

To do that however, I need your help.

Please below, whether anonymous or not, list the thoughts you had with each part.
What were your assumptions in terms of values, opinions of mine, likes, dislikes, etc.?
Did you think the post was going to go in a certain direction? How come?
Or write down whatever else came to mind!

By having your feedback, I can develop the next part of the series. Looking forward to seeing the comments!